At Dunsborough Woodworks we can work with you to identify the right benchtop product for your job depending on practical requirements and the overall look that you are aiming to achieve. 

We can fabricate and install some solutions ourselves or alternatively will work with preferred suppliers to provide other options.

We template all jobs to ensure a superior fit.



Changes in technology have seen huge advances in acrylic benchtops. You now have a wide choice of products which cover almost all possible colours and effects. The material can be joined to create seamless surfaces regardless of sizes and you can continue the product into splashbacks or waterfall edges for a continuous modern feel. Acrylic products are hygienic, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, durable and repairable.

Dunsborough Woodworks are licensed fabricators and installers of a variety of acrylic surfaces including these products:


Laminex® Freestyle®




Solid Timber

Bring some natural beauty to your space through the use of a solid timber benchtop. This can add warmth and texture to a modern space. Timber is a soft product and will be liable to scratching and it is not good when there is moisture present so is best to avoid in these situations.



Stainless Steel

An easy to maintain and very durable surface, stainless steel is a great solution particularly for your kitchen. It is great with heat and moisture and while it will scratch this is also considered part of the patina. It is fabricated to specifications so you can avoid joins and include the sinks and splashbacks as part of the overall benchtop.


Engineered stone

Get the style and look of stone by using an engineered stone, which is a high percentage of real stone bound with an acrylic resin. These products provide a natural look, are lighter than natural stone and are high quality, durable and low maintenance.



Quantum Quartz




An easy to source product that is cost effective you can get laminate benchtops in a wide range of colours and finishes. These are limited to board size if you want to avoid visible joins and you must watch for heat and excessive moisture.




A modern industrial look can be achieved by putting in a polished concrete benchtop. It is possible to install traditional slab concrete but this is very heavy and requires extra reinforcing. As an alternative you can consider the use of fibre reinforced concrete for a handmade, lighter and fully sealed benchtop.



Natural Stone

Natural stone reflects truly unique character and variations which are visually interesting and bring an elegance and sophistication to your project. It is durable and unique and while it is porous you will avoid stain damage by undertaking proper care.